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Why invest in these coins?

The Witcher Book Series is a phenomenon created by Andrzej Sapkowski, contained in books, series and games. It has millions of fans around the world and a well-established brand. On the other hand, investment in ore is called a "safe haven for investment", and the profits from it increase every year.

The only collector's coins in the world with the image of the Witcher Book Series

Coin mintage quickly sells out and gains value quickly

Low circulation - in the case of a 2 oz coin it is 2000 pieces worldwide, and in the case of a 1 kg coin - 200 pieces. The circulation is much smaller than the number of fans.

Safe form of investing money

Possibility to resell coins to fans and collectors all over the world

The whole series of coins will form a story corresponding to the Witcher Book Series. It will be a great family heirloom.

The subject is a pop-culture phenomenon - for many years the interest in The Witcher Book Series has been gradually growing.

The latest technology and the best materials were used to make the coins.

The images of the coins were created by valued in the numismatic world of designers and modellers, and additionally they were consulted with Andrzej Sapkowski.

Information about the bullion

The silver and gold exchange rate does not change drastically during financial crises or changes in political systems. When we consider the last few years, its price is systematically increasing. An undoubted advantage is the fact that in the case of inflation, its purchasing power increases, not decreases. Bullion is a highly liquid investment. Finding a new buyer is not a problem.

The Witcher book series phenomenon

Andrzej Sapkowski started his masterful saga with stories published in "Fantastyka". Over time, these turned into larger stories, based on Slavic fairy tales, tales and legends, and dealing with the fate of a warrior trained to kill monsters. Dynamic action, expressive characters, brilliant dialogues and intelligent humor - the reality created by Sapkowski stimulates the imagination, stimulates thinking and takes it to a completely new level of literary experience. "The Witcher Book Series" is an inspiring, wise, top-shelf fantasy, appreciated all over the world.

"The Witcher Book Series" was translated into more than 20 languages, the saga hit the New York Times bestseller list in June 2015, and sold millions of copies. Based on a series of books, computer games were created, which sold over 50 million copies, and received over 800 awards in total. Even US President Barack Obama boasted of having received this books. "The Witcher Book Series" was created on the Netflix platform on the basis of these two successes. Over 76 million subscribers of the portal watched the first season of the series. Everyone is looking forward to the next adventures of White Wolf.

The Witcher Book Series consists of 8 volumes:

The last

of destiny

of elves

of contempt

of fire

The Tower
of the swallow

The Lady
of the Lake

of storms

Invest today in coins with the image of the Witcher Book Series