THE WITCHER book series

Blood of Elves

coin 5$

The Blood of Elves coin is minted in 62.2 grams of fine silver. The reverse, 45 mm in diameter, depicts an important scene from Andrzej Sapkowski's book of the same name. It is an attack of a Scoia'tael commando group on a dwarven caravan with which Geralt and Ciri were travelling.

In the foreground you can see White Wolf saving Ciri from an elfin blow. In the background is placed Yarpen fighting with Blackbeard. The coin design is full of symbols - the elf is wearing a cap with a squirrel tail. This animal is the symbol of the Scoia'tael, as this name from the Elder Speech means just "squirrels".

Every detail of the reverse is perfectly visible thanks to the high relief, and the whole thing looks extremely vivid, just like the world presented in Sapkowski's book. Additions also attract the attention. On the reverse there is an addition in the form of selective pink gold, which imitates blood. Another interesting element of the decoration is the wheel, which was handmade from extremely hard wood. The inserts may differ from the one shown in the picture.

The obverse is decorated with ornaments and symbols related to Elirena. A squirrel in the Gothic medallion and bushes full of roses refer to her. In the middle of the coin there is also a plate with a bas-relief of Elirene.

On the left side of the obverse there is information about the denomination, the silver sample and the issuer.

The coin is packed in an elegant, wooden box with a certificate of authenticity. Limited edition of 2000 pieces!




Niue Island


AG 999


62.2 g


Ø 45 mm


Antique Finish


2000 pieces


January 2022

Date of issue

High Relief


numbered edge


Selective gilding


Wooden Insert